Date:August 22, 2012

Prof. G.A.O. Arawomo

Gabriel Omosola A. ARAWOMO, Ph.D

Educational / Professional Qualifications
B.Sc (Zoology), M.Phil (Hydrobiology), University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria,
Ph.D. (Zooology), University of Sterling, Sterling, U.K.
Member: Nigerian Field Society (NFS)
Fisheries Society of Nigeria.
Fresh water Biology Association, U.K.
International Association of Tropical Biology, U.K.

Research Interest
Reservoiur Fisheries Development. Environtal Impact Assessment

1. Komolafe, O.O. and Arawomo, G.A.O. (1998): The distribution and feeding habits of a cichlid fish, Oreachromis nilogicus (Linnacus) in Opa reservoir, Ile