AMUSAN, Babatunde Omokunle

AMUSAN, Babatunde Omokunle

Senior Lecturer


  1. Thesis/Dissertations:

(i)  Amusan, B. O. (2006): The macroinvertebrate benthic fauna and bottom sediment   studies of Teaching and Research Farm Pond, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile –    Ife. B. Sc. Dissertation. Obafemi Awolowo     University, Ile-Ife. 40pp.

(ii) Amusan, B. O. (2011): A survey of the adult Trichoptera inhabiting the water                                 bodies in Ile – Ife, Osun state, Nigeria. M.Sc. Thesis. Obafemi Awolowo                                       University, Ile-Ife. 84pp.

(iii) Amusan, B. O. (2016): Assessment of aquatic macroinvertebrate community                                  structure in relation to sediment characteristics of Osinmo Reservoir, Ejigbo,

Osun State, Nigeria. Ph. D. Thesis. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. 251pp.

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  3. Published Journal Articles:

(i) Amusan B. O. and Ogbogu S. S (2013): Observations on the abundance and distribution of adult caddisflies (Insecta: Trichoptera) in streams and rivers of Ile – Ife, Southwestern Nigeria. International Journal of ropical Insect Science 33(3): 163-169. Springer (Switzerland).

(ii) Kehinde, T., Eluyeba, O. and Amusan B. O. (2013): Land use effects on aerial insects composition on Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Ife Journal of Science 15(2): 315-320. (Nigeria).

(iii) Kehinde, T., Amusan B. O., Ayansola A., Oyelade, S. and Adu W. (2014): Status of Insect diversity conservation in Nigeria (a review). Ife Journal of Science 16(2): 319-330. (Nigeria).

(iv) Amusan, B. O., Ojianwuna, C., Kehinde T. and Akinwumi, A. (2014): Butterfly diversity in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Southwest  Nigeria. The Zoologist 12: 1-7. (Nigeria).

*(v) Fajana, H. O., Amusan, B. O., Koleosho, O. A., and Owojori, J. O. (2017). Acute toxicity of a     household bleach, sodium hypochlorite, to a whirligig beetle Orectogyrus alluaudi   Régimbart,1889 (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae). Aquatic Insects: International Journal of Freshwater Entomology 38(1-2):93-100. Taylor and Francis (UK)

*(vi). Amusan, B. O., Idowu, M. A and Ogbogu S. S. (2018). Comparative study of the macroinvertebrate community composition and water quality of Ona and Opa rivers, Southwestern Nigeria. West African Journal of Applied Ecology, 26(1) 2018: 33 – 48. (Ghana)

*(vii) Amusan, B. O., Omoniyi, G. O. and Ogbogu S. S. (2018).  Evaluation of the effects of seasonal changes in sediment characteristics on macroinvertebrate assemblage in a tropical reservoir. Water and Environment Journal. 33(4):599-609. Wiley Online (UK)

*(viii) Adu, B. W., Amusan, B. O. and Oke, T. O. (2019): Assessment of the water quality and                           Odonata assemblages in three waterbodies in Ilara-Mokin, south-western Nigeria, International Journal of Odonatology. 22(2):101-114. Taylor and Francis (UK)

            *(ix) Amusan, B. O. and Balogun, I. O. (2019).  Assessment of the aquatic insect assemblage and water quality of a tropical stream in Southwestern Nigeria. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies. 7(1): 1199-1205 (India)

*(x) Ojianwuna, C. C and Amusan, B. O. (2019). A survey of butterfly fauna in the sacred grove  of Umuaja Forest, Southern Nigeria. Ethiopian Journal of  Environmental Studies & Management 12(2): 158 – 166. (Ethiopia).

            *(xi) Amusan, B. O. (2020). Acute toxicity of paraquat dichloride on the whirligig beetle, Orectogyrus Sp. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies: 8(1): 571-575.(India)


Edited and Refereed Conference proceedings:

*(i) Amusan B. O. and Ogbogu S. S. (2016): Investigation into the Trichoptera Fauna of the Opa Stream in Ile-Ife, Southwestern Nigeria. Proceedings of the 14th  International Symposium on Trichoptera Zoosymposia 10: 85-90­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­. (New Zealand).

Articles Accepted for Publication:

              *(i) Amusan, B. O and Ogbogu, S. S. (2020) Surveillance of mosquito larvae in various                                     microhabitats in a University Campus in Southwestern Nigeria. UNED Research Journal: 12(1). Costa Rica

Manuscript Submitted for Publication:

(i) Amusan, B. O and Adu, B. W. (2020): Trace metal pollution and its impacts on the macroinvertebrate community assemblage in a tropical reservoir. Africann Journal of Ecology

(ii) Amusan, B. O, Fajana, H. O., Balogun, I. O. and Owojori, J. O. (2020): Assessment of the Sub-lethal toxic effects of two essential elements on the whirligig beetle Orectochilus sp (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae).  Aquatic Insects                                                        

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Paper and Works in progress: Assessment of the effects of palm oil effluent on the water quality and macroinvertebrate community structure of Ara River, Southwestern Nigeria.


My major discipline and research focus is Aquatic insect Ecology and Ecotoxicology. My contribution to knowledge was initiated with my research efforts on the faunal composition of the Order Trichoptera in waterbodies in Ile-Ife (Paper i). The study revealed that Hydropsychidae was the dominant and most diverse family. The fauna was found to be quantitatively and qualitatively richer in the wet season than in the dry season and this was attributed to the fact that the family shows a wide range of tolerance to climatic, physical and chemical conditions and is more tolerant to mild pollution of various kinds than most other Trichopteran species. My contribution to the review of the status of insect diversity conservation in Nigeria revealed that Nigeria ranked as the nation with the highest rate of forest loss in 2005 (paper iii). The need to provide sufficient baseline information on the taxonomy, species distribution and ecology of Nigerian insects at both eco-regional and national scales was proposed. My research on the community structure of aquatic macroinvertebrates in relation to the sediment characteristics of Osinmo Reservoir provided information on the ecological status of the reservoir, and also revealed the stability in the community structure of the macroinvertebrates irrespective of the seasonality with the abundance of pollution sensitive species also indicating that the reservoir was in pristine condition as at the time the study was carried out (paper vii). I have also been involved with investigations into the ecological status of some other water bodies within the South Western Nigeria by analyzing the macroinvertebrate assemblage and water quality and such studies             have provided useful information for the management practices of such waterbodies (papers vi, vii and ix).  My research efforts on the assessment of acute toxicity effects of soaps and  pesticides have also revealed that indiscriminate use of these chemicals have serious impact on the bionomics of aquatic insects (papers vi and xi).